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Manoj Pahwa
Indian Film & Television Actor, Mumbai
An awesome property with the most modern amenities cuddled in the lap of nature. Truly a new and excellent way of living with nature!
Navin Koradia
Stock Broker, Bhuj, Kutch
Where Luxury meets Nature, the tagline itself gives the idea about a wonderful imagination manifesting into reality. With a clear vision and innovative ideas, Akshar Developers and Navjivan Group will surely deliver an excellent masterpiece. Akshar Developers have changed the definition of ‘affordable housing’ through their recently developed project: Akshar Residency and set a benchmark for all the other land developers.
Rashmi Chheda
Chief Manager (Lead Analyst), Reliance Industries Ltd Mumbai
We were looking for a second home in midst of our native Kutch, without compromising on our lifestyle. Navjivan Homes, with a well planned layout surrounded by greenery across modern amenities and even a temple left little scope for any age group to think twice.
Santosh Mohapatra
Ayurveda Physician, Naturopathic Practitioner & Yoga Expert, Kutch
I wanted a place which would resonate with peace, nature and good energy which got fulfilled with Navjivan Homes. I was greatly surpirsed to see such 5 star holistic development to live, and available at such a reasonable price. Since the inception of this project, the nonstop work on the ground has made me now fully believe that my dream place would be available to me much earlier than what I had thought. I very much love the way the project is shaping up and hope that more & hope that more & more like me reach out to Navjivan Homes to fulfill their dream of a clean, safe, vibrant and developing place to live their valuable lives.
Kirtikumar Sanghvi (KK)
Stock Broker, Bhuj, Kutch
Navjivan Homes has been designed to add happiness to our lives with many prime amenities & unique experiences. It's a place that entertains all our desires and where nature is our constant companion. The ultra-luxurious villas/homes seamlessly integrate our life around us with thoughtful nuances; because when we make our life in the world with the best offerings that define our taste, one should come home to nothing else. Every direction at Navjivan Homes will compete for our attention.
Nitin Nisar
Interior Designer, Mumbai
A dream project coming to reality exclusively designed and will be a future ready township. Lot of spaces which we never enjoy in our city life is here to be enjoyed. Learn to live with NATURE now!
Kanji Bhanji Chhadva
Entrepreneur, Mumbai
હું છેલ્લા 10 વર્ષ થી નવજીવન નેચર કયુર સેન્ટર નો લાભ લઉં છું. જીવન જીવવાની નવી પદ્ધતિ અને શરીર ને નિરોગી રાખવાની આ સેન્ટર સુંદર સમજણ આપે છે. એક નવું સાહસ "નવજીવન હોમ્સ" પણ એવું નવલું નજરાણું છે જેને એક વર્લ્ડ ક્લાસ અધતન રહેઠાણ સંકુલ કહી શકાય. જે જંગલ, ગ્રીનરી, તળાવ આદી કુદરતી વાતાવરણ ની વચ્ચે નિર્માણ કરવામાં આવ્યું છે. કચ્છ નું સૂકું વાતાવરણ, કુદરત ની સમીપતા સાથે પોતાની છેવટ ની જીંદગી આનંદમય અને સ્વસ્થ રીતે ગાળી શકે એટલે "નવજીવન હોમ્સ" ખુબજ ઊંડાણ પૂર્વક બધી વસ્તુ ઓ નો, આધુનિકતા ને ધ્યાન માં રાખી ને આ હોમ્સ બનાવવા માં આવી રહયા છે. માણસ જોતાવેંત જ મંત્રમુગ્ધ થઇ જાય અને ત્યાં રહી ને પોતાને ખુબજ ભાગ્યશાળી સમજે એવું રહેઠાણ એટલે "નવજીવન હોમ્સ".